paris gare du nord

On this page we will give you all the information about the taxi service from the Gare du Nord train station. Taxi companies, routes, prices, station location and much more. Keep reading!

Gare du Nord Taxi Service

First of all, we must clarify that the taxi is one of the most expensive transport options in Paris. We only recommend it if you need to get to a specific place in comfort. In addition, Paris is one of the cities with the most traffic in Europe, so it is easy for you to come across traffic…

Taxi stop

Gare du Nord taxi rank is located on level 0 (Transilien). Just follow the signs for “Cour des taxis” and you will arrive. They are located on Maubeuge street, Paris.

Taxi companies

Being one of the largest train stations in Europe, you will find a wide variety of taxi companies. Here are all of them:

Taxi Stop in Gare du Nord

In Paris there is also an Uber service, it is a good option if you want to save money. We cannot define your rates as it depends on the route. Download their app and compare prices and services.

GDN Taxi cost

The price of taxis starts in 2.60€ and each kilometer costs between € 0.95 and € 1.20 (depending on the time you order the taxi).

  • Gare du Nord to Eiffel Tower taxi cost. If you want to get to the Eiffel Tower by taxi, the price will be between 16€ and 22€. The journey duration is 10 minutes.
  • Gare du Nord to Gare de Lyon taxi cost. If you need to get to Gare de Lyon, taxi will cost you between 15€ and 19€. And a duration of 7-10 minutes.

Paris taxi tips

If you need to get to a very specific place in Paris or you have suitcases, the taxi is a good option to move around Paris.

However, if it is to visit tourist places from Gare du Nord, I recommend the RER and metro trains. The price of the journey is only 1,90€ and you avoid traffic.