paris gare du nord

Traveling to a new city means exploring different modes of transportation. Paris offers a railway line, buses, subway, and even rental cars. While traveling from the train, subway or buses may be cheap, if you want to travel on your schedule and not wait in line or waste time in the hustle-bustle then renting a car from Gare du Nord station is the best option.

Car Hire companies in Gare du Nord

enterprise rent a car

Enterprise Rent-a-Car

The office is located inside the train station and so it is convenient for you to book beforehand and then pick up the car. They offer cars according to your traveling needs so if you need a family car or a luxury car to travel in style then rent a car from enterprise!

Address: Paris Gare Du Nord Sncf Voie 3 (niveau -1)

Phone: 1 53 20 06 52

Avis rent a car Paris


This is also located in the Gare du Nord, in the main hall. They provide various types of car rentals and if you want to return the car after hours then you can just park it and leave the key in the dropbox, it’s that convenient!

Address: Gare Sncf Voie 3 Niveau -1

Phone: 0820611624

hertz gare du nord


The prices start from 25€ and they don’t charge any additional fees. Their office is situated inside the Gare du Nord and they offer great, comfortable cars at a very reasonable price. If your budget is tight then Hertz is the best option for a comfortable and safe ride.

Address: Level -1 Eurostar Terminus

Phone: (0) 1 55 31 93 21

alamo gare du nord

Alamo rent a car

Their office is located at Enterprise Rent-a-Car and both of these places almost offer the same kinds of cars and prices. They have good offers in business cars and family cars.

Address: Paris Gare Du Nord Sncf Voie 3

Phone: (015) 320-0652

sixt gare du nord


It’s a good option. Their prices and the quality of their cars are the key elements that more than 15.000 Gare du Nord passengers use Sixt. Rent your car in the official website.

Address: 2 Rue de Compiègne, 75010 Paris

Phone: 8-20007498

europcar gare du nord


One of the most important car rental companies in Europe. They stand out for their variety of type of vehicles and their attention to the client. Highly recommended.

Address: Gare du Nord Level -1, 18 rue Dunkerque

Phone: 0825825457

Hire car drop off in Gare du Nord

You can return your vehicle in the “Park Effia lev -6 4 rue Compiegne, Gare du Nord, Paris”. Its entrance is in the same street “Compiegne”, we leave you Google Maps where you can see the location and the “streetview”.

The majority of car rental companies are located in this car park. Once you hire the service, they must inform you of the drop off point of the car or motorcycle.

Rental Car Information

Before you hire a rental car in Gare du Nord do check the traffic situation and your requirements. Paris is a beautiful destination and its public transportation system is unparalleled. Only if you think you can’t handle the public transport system or have your schedule that you want to follow then rent a car. It is the best option if you are travelling in a group and want to make the most of it!

There are many rental cars in Gare du Nord that you can hire. However, before making that decision you need to know if renting a car is worth it. Here’s a little information to aid you in that decision.

Pros of hiring a rental car in Gare du Nord

  • If you are planning to go on long day trips then a rental car is a great option
  • Saves time
  • Easily available
  • Offers privacy
  • More freedom to travel with family and friends as you can do what you like and travel whatever way you want
  • The streets in Paris will undoubtedly improve your driving skills!

Cons of hiring a rental car in Gare du Nord

  • Roads are built in a tricky way so it has a learning curve
  • Traffic maybe there
  • It is not typically a car-friendly place and most people just use public transport or walk

The only major problem can be traffic. However, which city doesn’t have traffic? Privacy and safety should be your top priority and here are a few companies to rent a car from in Gare du Nord.